DECYPHER is a collaborated effort which includes
the talents of Mad T, of Powerless Rise, on drums,  Frankie D, of Seeker, on vocals, and Mick Michaels, guitars and keyboard, of Corners of Sanctuary - with each artist bringing their personal experience and uniqueness to the project.

THE CODE was the first release from this definitive trio.  The five track EP serves as the cornerstone of what is yet to come and a glimpse of what can be accomplished when passion and talent are joined.

DECYPHER is a mixture of New and Classic Heavy Metal - hard driving beats mirrored with punch drunk rhythms and seasoned with powerful old school vocals. This is only the beginning.

The CODE has been released under the March Baby Media umbrella while under the management of  COSMICK Productions.  Worldwide distribution is currently being provided by La Mazakuata Records.

2014 marks the second EP release from DECYPHER, UNDER RED FLAGS. The five song EP picks up where THE CODE left off - hard, heavy and simply having you begging for more.

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SoundCloud “Children of the Night” by  Decypher


The EP “Under Red Flags”
Available Now! Released 11-18-14

Decypher Under Red Flags EP 2014

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The EP “The Code”
Available Now! Released 11-19-13


Hard Disc Order $6.99USD + S/H


MP3 Download $4.99USD


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